Svetlana Elantseva
Svetlana was born in Russia and worked as a member of a team of artists producing Soviet art until the event of Perestroika.
In England, she finished BA HONS Entrepreneurship for the Creative and Cultural Industries, Fine Art at Staffordshire University.
Now Svetlana is in the process of improving her own style, ‘Dadamix’, and has started a new project, ‘Every Picture has a Story’. You can see some of the artworks from this project in this website.
She shows her pictures around the world. Svetlana’s artworks are in private collections in U.K. ,Russia, Bulgaria, USA, China, Canada, South Africa, Belorussia, Ukraine, Austria and South Korea.
Svetlana established The Art International Group in 2009. She is a member of the Russian Society of Art , The International Foundation of Art, The VAN Society and The Shropsire Art Society.

Commissions and Limited edition prints are available.

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