‘Art International Gallery’ is the creative online centre, the place where artists promote their work and find buyers. Art International Gallery does not require a commission from any sale in the online gallery. Sales are not possible through the Art International Gallery. Buyer and seller must make private arrangements. AIG is a useful way of making contact. The artist can be contacted through the forms on the Art International Gallery.

The gallery is providing a service for artists who would like to display their work online, for a worldwide audience.

The gallery is a sponsor art shows and competitions, art and craft fairs, and other community events. Art International gallery is facilitated, organize and offer creative workshops in a variety of techniques and media.

The Art International Gallery is promoting communications, diversity and collaborations between UK and other countries within art.


  • Promote art national and international
  • Organise and curate exhibitions and events
  • Organise and offer workshops
  • Offer support to artists and craftspeople
  • Private curating and advices
  • Workshop, Anti-War Propaganda
  • We were born in the USSR
  • We were born in the U.S.S.R.
  • The exhibition 'We were born in the USSR
  • The exhibition Cultura -Multura
  • Shrewsbury rt Festival
  • Shrewsbury Art Festival 2013,
  • Shrewsbury Art Festival ,
  • Private View, We were born in the USSR
  • Private View, Cultura-Multura.
  • Private View, Conversation Pieces
  • P.V.Born in the USSR.jpg3
  • P.V.Born in the USSR
  • P.V. Cultura Multura
  • hands together with international students
  • 'Cultura-Multura', Art International
  • Cultura-Multura 2011
  • 'Cultura Multura'
  • Cultura Multura
  • Cultura Multura, Art International
  • Conversation Pieces
  • Conversation Pieces, Private View
  • Conversation Pieces 2013
  • Art Without Borders in Shrewsbury Art Festival
  • Art Without Borders in Art Festival
  • Art Without Borders 2013
  • Art International Group, Cultura-Multura
  • Art International Group, Conversation Pieces
  • Art Festival
  • Art Festival, Art Without Borders
  • Art Festival in Shrewsbury 2013
  • Art Festival 2013
  • Art Festival 2013, Art Without Borders
  • Conversation Pieces, Private View
  • Art International Group, Conversation Pieces
  • Art Festival in Shrewsbury 2013


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