The Exhibition “With easel in Balkans ” in Moscow .

The International Exhibition In Rome, Italy 2018 ( With Mega Art Gallery)

Questo è il video dell'inaugurazione della mostra SENSAZIONI DI INFINITO alla POCKET ART STUDIO di Roma un evento by la Galleria d'Arte MEGA ARTwww.megaart.itThis is the opening day of the internazional exhibition SENSATIONS OF INTINITY in to POCKET ART STUDIO in Rome an event by MEGA ART

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The International Exhibition ” Art Voyage”  in the Bear Steps gallery , Shrewsbury

The Art Holiday in Rome ,Corchiano , Viterbo  in Italy, November 2018

The Art International Group in the Magazine ” Gallery XXI”

The International Exhibition Art Voyage in the Rural Space gallery in Shrewsbury 

The International Exhibition in the Center House of Artists, Moscow 2018



The International Exhibition Art Voyage in Kolomna, Russia

The International Exhibition Art Voyage in the National Gallery of Dimitrovgrad, Bulgaria


The International Exhibition Art Voyage  in Newtown, Wales 2018

Macedonia, Avrora , Art Project 2018

The  Serbian -Russian Art Symposium in Serbia, Shid 2018

The International Art Project in Serbia , Crepaja, 2018.The Banat Blues Coffee.

The International Art Symposium ” Unlimited Art ” in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria 2018

The International Art Project in Macedonia, Lesnovo, 2018

The International exhibition Art Voyage in the Bohem gallery in Turkey , May 2018

The International Symposium in Istanbul , 2018

The International Exhibition ” Art Balcan” 2018 in the Moscow House of Nationalities  

The International exhibition in the Center House of Artists in Moscow, Russia, 2017

International Exhibition “In Time” in the gallery Mega Art in Corchiano , Italy, December 2017


“Levitan’s Seasons” in Zvenigorod, Moscow region, Russia, Autumn 2017

Plein air “Near walls of the Old Kremlin” in Kolomna, Moscow region, Russia, Autumn 2017

October Exhibition in Newtown Library, Powys, Wales

Plein air near Sergiev Posad, Russia

end of August 2017

The International Art Symposium in Zrepaja, Serbia
The International Art Symposium in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria, 2017
The International Art Symposium in Rusalka, Bulgaria, 2017
The International Art Symposium in Sid Serbia
also with the Russian ambassador in Serbia, 2017

International Art Symposium in Istanbul, Turkey, 2017



Summer Exhibition in the Bear Steps gallery 2017

The Spring exhibition, the gallery ‘ Most’, Moscow. Russia, 2017.



International Exhibition ‘Art Voyage’ in VAN gallery in Shrewsbury , 1 May – 27 May, 2017. The Private View is on Friday 19th of May at 7 p.m.

Welcome to ‘Art Voyage”, the second phase in Art International Group’s highly successful project from 2014 to 2016, “Art Without Borders”, and of the co-operation between artists from different cultures creating events together in several different countries. Our new project continues to emphasise the ideals of friendship and international co-operation. Artists who participate in AIG’s exhibitions share their own cultures, language and traditions with artists whose countries they visit. The universal language of Art becomes their medium for communication with all. Art provides opportunities to create something new from what already exists; transfers ideas from one cultural environment to another; moves from past to present to future. The force of art has a magical touch which establishes dialogue despite differences in outlook and mindset. The exhibition Art Voyage represents artworks of 10 artists from the groups ‘Art International’: Pauline Furnival (U.K.), Alexandra Cook (U.K.), Svetlana Elantseva (U.K.), Malcolm Hague (U.K.), Svetlana Helen Williams (U.K.), Larisa Ivanova (Russia), Angella Safonova ( Russia), Asya Sarkisyan (Russia), Svetlana Solo Orlova ( Russia ), Evgenia Domareva ( Russia)


Painting Trip and Art Holiday in Spain, 24 April – 4 May 2017. The artists from Britain, Russia and Turkey went to Valencia and Murcia regions of Spain for plein air painting, finding future exhibition opportunities, inspiration and fun. Torrevieja, Cartagena, Alicante, Laguna Salada, Benidorm, Cova del Canelobre, El Castell de Guadalest.

The International exhibition ‘Conversation Works’ in the Qube gallery in Oswestry, U.K.
After successful exhibitions in Russia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Austria and Turkey Art International group has come back to Shropshire. ‘Conversation Works’ is a venture through which they envisage themselves as holding a ‘conversation’ through art which needs no translation.

The artists inhabit different continents and speak different languages: they create a dialogue using their artworks as language.

V2Conversation works poster V1V5V8V6

‘Language of Art’ in the VIA gallery in Moscow 8th of September – 31st of October14265035_1161518343905219_1352397326914499087_n14141873_1090028444422017_4867882389102485918_ncimg3626web14233181_10211089284094511_7652601414388817906_nimageweb26-w

Exhibition ‘ Language of Art’ in the VAN gallery , 5th – 31st October 2016.

The project ‘ Unlimited Art’ in Bulgaria 2016

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 Language of Art in the Qube    Oswestry April-May 2016

The International project ‘ Boundless’ in Ljubljana in the gallery Druzina, Mart 2016

catalogue5catalogue55catalogue 2catalogue1PV in Druzinaopen day 6open day1

The International project ‘ Boundless’ in Moscow in the gallery Most, Mart 2016

leaflet in open dayartists and curatorsmepv5open day 4marlenatelemostopen daywilliamspv6

The International project ‘ Boundless’ in the Hive Gallery , Shrewsbury


The International exhibition ‘Language of Art’ in the Bear Steps Gallery in Shrewsbury, November 2015
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The International exhibition ‘Language of Art’ in the Town Hall in Bishops Castle , October-November 2015

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The International Art Symposium in Bulgaria 2015

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The exhibition ‘Boundless’ in Stara Zagira, Bulgaria , in the gallery ‘Nedev’ 2015

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The exhibition in Moscow 2015



Contemporary Responses to War and Fascism   5th May – 16th MayThe Hive gallery, Shrewsbury, 5 Belmont ,SY1 1TE, 01743 234970

Collaborative project by Art International Group with special guests from  Moscow, Donezk, Sevastopol and Shrewsbury. To commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the end of WWII, the exhibition ‘Contemporary Responses to War and Fascism’ dedicates itself to the memories that have become a distant history for our generation; forgotten is the sacrifice made for our futures.

The exhibition is result of collaboration of AIG, international artists, photojournalists, children from Klimovsk, Moscow region, Donezk and Shrewsbury. Art International Group will donate money from sales of their artwork to child victims of the Ukraine conflict and to Shropshire organisation ‘Arty Party’.

The sponsor of this event is the Art International Group
The project ‘Boundless’ started in Istanbul, Turkey in the gallery ‘Bohem’ in 20 February 2015. Next exhibition will start in the Hive gallery in Shrewsbury 20 April. The Private View 21 April 6.30 p.m.-8 p.m.The Art International Group would like to thanks the gallery ‘Bohem’ and Ahmet Ozel for supporting and curating this project and for giving to us opportunities to participate in this event. We are planning to show the exhibition’Boundless’ in Russia, Bulgaria and Slovenia in 2015.
10991095_10206459405830448_8703543280280579602_n 1939992_10205812792822660_7380283890458095501_n (1) 10968204_10206459286347461_8239511399535825481_n 10988954_10205812767222020_1158398995191674824_n 11009094_10206459287947501_5858829097385600100_n 10999905_10206459642316360_1726901028480408723_n 10998890_10206459286747471_4768417218591163564_n Ezzaldin 10997376_10206459290067554_776238644469056881_n 10996539_10206459406870474_1628592070608399376_n 10982478_10206459284907425_2189101700345111113_n

The Window to The World, The Hive gallery, Shrewsbury

S.Elantseva, Madam Mayor, S.Williams,P.Furnival Madam Mayor, S. Elantseva , Chris, Del Manso vika Madam Mayor and T. Shirinova Peter Gwen Fiona Exhibition'Window to the World' 1517427_587950427975851_5253845143049688076_n 1800232_588069191297308_4520626210198921293_n 1551616_588099301294297_5968397003395551204_n 1779727_587948781309349_7405378275058300839_n 10155626_588067097964184_5854514894447665237_n 10407802_588098151294412_5597862113535806755_n 10428440_588067321297495_4641307789508433539_n

Exhibition of Art International Group in the gallery ‘Tsarevna Grag ‘,Kosmos, 2014

Exhibition of Art International Group in the gallery ‘Tsarevna Grag ‘,17 May 2014.
The international progect ‘Night of Museums in Moscow’

The exhibition. ‘Parallels of visual perceptions’ is a continuation of AIG’s project ‘Art Without Borders’. May-June 2014. Moscow.Russia.
Jennifer Gunning, Helen Williams, Svetlana Elantseva-Southorn, Tamara Shirinova, Aleksey Gilyarov, Aleksandar Belugin, Natalia Rakhlina and Boris Khromov showed their artwork in the gallery of MOSH ( Moscow Society of Art).
Curator of the exhibition is Aleksei Gilyarov.

1512839_881667651881837_3555630326347786875_n2014-05-29 15.39.142014-05-29 15.07.512014-05-29 15.40.062014-05-29 15.07.2610308119_882036041844998_4210220406704105098_n10250211_984649061583695_2267943290396238544_n10245404_882050765176859_967895046859871793_n10157233_881650211883581_647619894012817091_n1512853_881535688561700_2589546177013795974_n10314517_617977501617528_8170875772303667708_n10408561_1002216139826987_1446106609732955185_n2014-05-29 15.39.2810418945_881483658566903_6989648830234292555_n10418228_629127320502546_5426182743830316196_n10397825_881906495191286_8858045487184279785_n10409493_629122043836407_7368980977310179612_n10376324_882091698506099_1910366872913269894_n10329053_881880688527200_1262034430208617686_n10325269_881616915220244_5738969595240530122_n10341999_300778050086951_3197245591055893879_n10345560_881759478539321_9042646578040419386_n10356155_629125103836101_3932887221220600478_n10365821_300773913420698_7309619597668551223_n10371645_881798791868723_2094364130326819014_n

Conversation Warks in The Bear Steps Gallery 2014
After a successfull exhibition in The National Gallery ‘Varshavka’ in Moscow, Art International group has come back to Shrewsbury. ‘Conversation Works’ is a venture through which they envisage themselves as holding a ‘conversation’ through art which needs no translation.
web172014-02-15 13.25.44web1web3web5web7web6webweb18web15P1130577art internart international
Member of The Art International Group met with journalist and author of The magazine ‘ Glavnaja Tema’ (‘ Main Topic ‘) Rimma Doroshkina.
2014-03-13 09.47.43

The exhibition ‘Art Without Borders’ in The National Gallery ‘Vershavka’ in Moscow, Russia,2014.

Aleksandr wOleg and NikolaiP.V.Podval N 1
Boris w  Alla Art Singer

From Shropshire to Moscow. British and Russian artists encourage Russian tourists to come to Shropshire.

by Gwen Cox

An exhibition in Moscow is the next venture for the Art International Group, based in Shrewsbury. With its 

membership of artists from Shopshire, Wales, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, China, and Russia, the group has been making its presence felt over the last 2 years locally in Shropshire and further afield in Wales with its colourful display of art and craft works which celebrate the diverse cultures and locations of its members.
This was the second time the group has exhibited in Moscow, the home town of its director and founder, Svetlana Elantseva. With paintings in private and museum collections throughout Russia, Svetlana is eager to promote the work of her colleagues as well as her own. The exhibition, which taked place in January 2014, had Shrewsbury and Shropshire as its main theme, and Svetlana has created paintings which feature Shrewsbury’s iconic buildings: The Bear Steps Gallery; The Old Market Hall; The old Music Hall; and Rowleys House. She expects that seeing these charming and significant buildings will do much to encourage Russian tourists to come to Shrewsbury.
Also exhibited:
Helen Williams, a Russian artist who is living and working in U.K. She takes inspiration from the beautiful surrounding countryside to build up a collection of unique landscape paintings of Wales and the West Midlands . Helen showed these works in Moscow.
Val Johnson, a U.K artist. She experiments with different art techniques in her work. This was the first time that she showed her artwork in Russia. She exhibited new figures of the famous singer Alla Pugacheva and Russian president Vladimir Putin. It was a big surprise for Russian viewers.
Tamara Shirinova, an Azerbaijani artist who lives and works in U.K. She paints in a Primitive (Naïve) style, while experimenting with colour and forms. A certain childishness in her interpretation of nature is inherent in her painting.
Elena Davidova, a Russian artist who lives and works in U.K. and Moscow. She showed to the public works created in Moscow and London over the last few years. Elena Davydova’s paintings are a fusion of nature, poetry, music, harmony and light. In the modern world, where contemporary art is full of sharks swimming in ink and ripped-up human bodies, her art represents simple but eternal values. She has a unique view of the world, an ability to see magic in everyday things.
Jennifer Gunning from Ironbridge Fine Arts and Framing, located at Merrythought Village in Ironbridge, showed a print of her artwork of the Iron Bridge that she has previously entered into a BBC 2 competition called ‘Bring Me the Monet’. Jenny exhibited her artwork dedicated to Shropshire. She works mainly with etching, and has exhibited widely in Shropshire and London, where she also gives workshops. She comes from a distinguished artistic family.
Alexei Gilyarov, Moscow artist who works in monumental style. He has done a lot of work for the Russian government . When he visited Shrewsbury, he fell in love with the town. Alexey worked in situ at various locations in Shrewsbury and produced several pictures in oils. He showed two of them in Moscow.
Alexsandr Belugin, a Russian abstract painter, sculptor, author and founder of the Russian Ukiye style and Protofleksa. He is member of The Russian Creative Union of Artists and The International Federation of Artists of UNESCO. Alexsandr is a founder of the literary club ‘Podval N 1’ where creative people: poets ,musicians ,artists, dancers, actors, and also philosophers meet. Alexsandr is a good organiser and manager .He helped Svetlana Elantseva to organise an exhibition in The National Varshavka Gallery in Moscow.
AIG would like to thank Alexander for his help and for the interest he has shown in our project.

Art Without Borders in The Ironbridge gallery 2013.

2013-10-04 18.46.12 2013-10-04 18.46.31 (1) 2013-10-04 19.52.18 2013-10-04 19.53.08 elantseva Flax Ironbridge.jpg1 Ironbridge Ironbridge.jpg2 Ironbridge.jpg3 Ironbridge.jpg6 ironbridge2 I Bridge

Art International in The Bear Steps Gallery’s exhibition ‘Autumn Extravaganza’ 2013.

B Steps paul 3 Beardteps





‘The Journey Continues’. An exhibition in the Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery July- October 2013.

Svetlana Elantseva, the director of the Art International Group, exhibited an unusual art work as a guest in the Shropshire Museum and Art Gallery’s exhibition celebrating the theme of migration to Shropshire. Svetlana chose to create an audio work on this theme.

Taking inspiration from the theme, Svetlana has interviewed people who have migrated from other countries to Shropshire. Their voices speak of their experience of a different culture and language. They reflect on issues relating to identity, love and finding happiness.

Margarita Halamenda was born in Riga in Latvia. She works as a Hairstylist in Shrewsbury. Her voice reflects on difficult issues and how a political climate can ruin people’s lives. She discusses how she has found a new identity through her migration to the UK.

Tanya Golovatyuk was born in the Ukraine. She is a Shropshire artist and has lived in Shrewsbury for 12 years. Her story is about adopting a mixed culture, living in England with her Ukrainian family.

Bai Li, from Nauning, GuangxiProvince, is an artist married to a Shrewsbury photographer. She is an epidemiologist by profession and has lived here for eleven years. Her story talks about love and fate and the meeting of kindred spirits across cultures and boundaries.

Art Without Borders in Llangollen, July 2013

Members of Art International Group will be holding a one-day exhibition nand sale at the Hand Hotel, in Llangollen, to coincide with the International Eisteddfod, whose aim of international understanding and co-operation the Group shares

Bear Steps Gallery Exhibition, June 2013

Art International Group held their fourth exhibition within the Bear Steps Gallery from 19th May to 1st June 2013. Formed by Svetlana Elantseva, with the aim of promoting international co-operation and understanding, the confederation of international artists’ first exhibition was held in Moscow in December 2012.

Each artist provided a flavour of their national character in their art work, but they also showed that art knows no boundaries, national or otherwise.

Taking part in this exhibition were Svetlana Elantseva and Alexey Gilyarov from Russia, Tanya Golovatyuk from Ukraine, Tamara Shirinina from Azerbaijan, and Dave Kemsley from Shrewsbury.

‘Art Without Borders’ in Shrewsbury Art Festival 2013

Project Art Without Borders,
Exhibition’ Conversation Pieces’
Project’ Art Without Borders’
Exhibition ‘ We were born in the U.S.S.R’
Propaganda Peace Flags
On the day of the Royal Wedding Art International group was providing a workshop making Propaganda Peace Flags, using paint, stencils, other media and international symbols of peace and power.

Gallery ‘Arden’, International  Fund  of Slavonic Caligraphy and Culture, Moscow 2012

 Project ‘Be creative’,
Exhibition ‘Cultura -Multure’ and workshop.2009-2011
‘Anti-War Propaganda’
Workshop ‘New Folk Art’

Workshop Wishes Tree

Workshop ‘Hands Together’